After several years photographing editorial images for the Associated Press and The New York Times, Michael decided that as much as he enjoyed documenting world events, it was time to take more control of his subjects and direction. Michael began creating images for a variety of clients, including General Motors, Playboy, Universal Studioís, Warner Brotherís and Occidental Petroleum Company, where he documented CEO Dr. Armand Hammerís world exploits for Hammer, the book.

Music has always been Michaelís passion, turning that into his subject matter has been a rewarding and successful turn in his career.

Michael has shot music videos with Keith Emerson, The Plastic Saints and Bite. Currently, he is directing a documentary about Mark Stanley, a singer songwriter that was stricken with Viral Meningitis and after a ten-year hiatus is returning to the stage and performing.

Michael has taught Photo Journalism at UCLA Extension campus and continues to lecture on Journalism and Multi Media. Michael is an avid amateur chef; ask him to cook for you.